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Oil gas fasteners In a world in which plastic comb binding r

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Oil gas fasteners In a world in which plastic comb binding rules, it's nice to have more elegant options available. One of these is the Unibind binding system. Unibind offers an entry-level machine - the Unibind XU138 - which is a good choice if you'd like to explore this type of binding without breaking the bank. Unibind makes your documents look like a real book with minimal effort. To find out more about this great binding method, please continue reading.The Unibind XU138 is a binding machine that can be used to bind a variety of documents such as photobooks, professional reports, real estate brochures, and so on. You can produce hardcover documents with the XU138, as well as items with customized and clear and/or frosted covers, so you really have a lot of binding options.

(If you wish, your covers can also be offset printed, but since they're produced in Europe, it takes a while to get them - approximately 10-12 weeks.) The XU138 allows you to bind more than one document at once, provided that the documents don't add up to a thickness of more than 36 millimeters (approximately 1.5 inches). (You can also bind a single document with that thickness.) You can use this machine with thermal binding covers or else you can use Unibind covers that contain a steel spine that heats up when the document is placed into the unit.

To use the machine, all you need to do is insert your pages into a Unibind cover or spine and then stick the item in the machine. When the machine has bound your document, just let it cool off. Simple, huh?The Unibind XU138 can be yours for just a few hundred dollars which is a great deal considering how great your books will look. The machine comes with a one-year warranty and is known to be one of the most reliable binding machines available. It's made of both metal and plastic, so it will stand up to regular use.One of the limitations of the XU138 is its binding capacity. Thirty-six millimeters isn't going to be enough for some users and if that's the case, another binding method should be considered.

(If you need to bind a bunch of documents at once, you can get a Unibind machine with more heating units, although you'll still be stuck with the 36 mm. limitation.) Also, although Unibind spines are incredibly durable, they're not a good choice if you want your documents to wrap around for easier reading and photocopying. (Plastic comb, spiral, or wire binding can help you out with that, though.) Finally, you will want to make sure that Unibind supplies are available in the colors and sizes that you need.

As was mentioned above, custom supplies can take a long time from Unibind so if you need something unique you will need to keep that in mind.Overall, the Unibind XU138 offers a user-friendly binding method that allows for a lot of creativity, even if the binding capacity is a bit on the small side. This is a great machine to get if you need to give your documents an elegant look but don't want to spend a bundle on a binding machine. If you need a great binding machine, buy the Unibind XU138 for your office today!

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